Committee Members

Co-President: Ittai Eres
Co-President: Daniel Gill
Co-Vice President: Alex Hoffman
Co-Vice President: Jessica Fessler
Secretary: Katya Frazier
Liason: Avelino De Leon
Recruitment Chair: Manuel Rocha
Media Chair: Marcus Soliai

Ittai Eres
UCBA Co -President
Ittai Eres is pleased to be leading UCBA’s efforts in enabling fellow graduate students to learn about, explore, and pursue non-academic careers. Ittai loves to engage science with society, participating in a variety of professional development workshops and outreach programs, hosting a bi-weekly science radio talk show, and serving as an organizer for events like Pint of Science and Communicating Science Convention. As a 4th year PhD candidate in Human Genetics, he researches comparative genomics between humans and chimpanzees, with a primary focus on comparing gene regulation and higher-order 3-dimensional DNA structure. He is also an avid reader and writer, as well as a soccer and basketball player/enthusiast.

Daniel Gill
UCBA Co-President

Jessica Fessler
UCBA Co-Vice President
Jess Fessler serves as UCBA’s Co-Vice President and Events Committee Chair. In addition to helping coordinate UCBA’s events, Jess also acts as a graduate student liaison for myCHOICE. Jess is a 3rd year in the Cancer Biology PhD program. Her research focuses on trying to understand the role that the commensal bacteria that live in the gut have on our body’s ability to fight cancer. In her free time Jess coaches the Men’s UChicago Club Volleyball team, and can be found playing volleyball on the 57th street beach (Chicago weather permitting).

Alex Hoffman
UCBA Co-Vice President

Katya Frazier
UCBA Secretary
Katya Frazier is UCBA’s Treasurer and Secretary, and is enthusiastic about helping her fellow graduate students explore alternative career options outside of academia. Katya is a 2nd year PhD graduate student in Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition, and her research focuses on how microbial populations within the gut influence and regulate host metabolism and circadian rhythm. Outside of school, she spends her time singing with her a cappella group, The Histones, and testing out new baking recipes.

Manuel Rocha
UCBA Recruitment Chair
Manny Rocha serves as UCBA’s Recruitment Co-Chair and is especially excited about technology commercialization. Manny is a 3rd year PhD student in the Committees on Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology. His research focuses on understanding the mechanisms by which neural crest cells are patterned along the anteroposterior axis. In his free time, Manny volunteers with Horizons for Youth, a local education non-profit, and enjoys rock climbing and cycling.

Marcus Soliai
UCBA Media Chair

Andrew Tremain
UCBA Events Chair
Andrew recently completed an MS in Translational Science through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at UChicago and is currently a fourth year graduate student pursuing a PhD in Immunology. Research focuses on protein engineering for immune regulation, working in the Hubbell Lab affiliated with UChicago’s Institute for Molecular Engineering. Andrew also serves as a Peer Health Liaison between the student body and UChicago Health Services, as well as the Biological Sciences Division representative for the UChicago Library Student Advisory Group. Outside of science, Andrew plays as much soccer as he can, along with fulfilling other passions such as reading, aquaculture, loving his two cats, and watching movies or playing games with friends.